The Journey to Success

Success does not just happen overnight. However, there are ways to shorten the journey. Right now, let me show you

how the process can perhaps be accomplished in a shorter period of time. The door of opportunity is opened wide as of

right now. Whether you succeed or you fail all depends on your next step. Wealthy Affiliate and I would love more than

anything for you to make the choice to join our team so you can be succeed with your journey to become successful. WA

can teach you how to take these strategies to the next level and beyond. I have learned so much valuable information

since being a part of the team. I’m now founder of two websites and about to have number 3 up and running shortly and

I can honestly say if I  hadn’t ever signed up to join Wealthy Affiliate I would still be stuck in the same old place sitting

stagnant, but instead I made the best decision of my life to move forward to the net level and you can do it as well too.

So, don’t wait any longer to have success!!!

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It’s Not As Hard As You Believe

It’s Not As Hard As You Believe


There’s a lot of misunderstandings about what it takes to become an entrepreneur, and it’s those misunderstandings that keep a lot of people from even trying.

They sit around and wait, thinking they don’t have enough time or aren’t good enough.

Do you think you’re too broke? Too confused? Too young? On the opposite side of that, do you continually sit back and wish you took advantage of ideas you had when you were younger?

Here’s the truth: there are thousands of success stories out there from people who were in worse position than you when they got started and overcome the odds, myself included.

At age 23,  Mark Zuckerberg became the youngest billionaire in the world. Yet, Colonel Sanders of KFC was 65 when he opened his first restaurant.

So, if you want to become an entrepreneur, don’t allow yourself to entertain or get distracted with negative thoughts.

You don’t need years of experience, substantial qualifications, or a sizable bank account.

All you need to become an entrepreneur is a basic concept or creation that brings in money, that’s it!

Here Wealthy Affiliate offers not only both things but much more.

Don’t use being in a bad place as an excuse not to try, but be insanely hungry to succeed and just do whatever it takes to get out of the situation.

I truly understand being in a bad place but what I don’t understand is staying in that bad place when an opportunity presents itself or waiting until you’re at the bottom of the pit before taking action or not doing anything about it.

Hear this, life is extremely complicated. You may never think you’re worthy enough. There may never be a “right time.” However, if you see an opportunity that crosses your path snatch it up immediately!

As a person who has been there I can tell you that you owe it to yourself and family to be successful and develop to the next level. You have nothing to lose and financial freedom to gain. Take action today!

Can I share my story with you?

Hey Friend,

Today is Wednesday morning, and are you already looking forward to the weekend? Did you dread the sound of the alarm clock going off and having to roll out of bed this morning at an unpleasant hour just to make your boss happy?

I have another question for you: What would your life be like if you didn’t have a boss, someone lording over you, telling you what to do, where to be, and when to be there?

My husband’s life was the same was. I remember him almost killing himself to fulfill the construction overloads, hoping for that pay increase, but it never came. He lost so much sleep, and missed our kids growing up, and I hated it. However, he and I knew at the time, working the traditional 9 to 5, well in his case 6 to 6, and get a paycheck at the end of the week. Years went by and let the truth be told, you can’t do better if you don’t know better. Unfortunately, my husband past away before I learned how to do better, and what I learned better is, it’s that the traditional 9 to 5 was no longer the way to have financial freedom. In fact, it was a way to an early grave without reaching success in it’s capacity. In order, for you and your family to go to the next level in a short period of time was to have an Online Business. Now that I know the benefits of having my own online business and how much easier one’s life can be I want to share it with everyone in hopes it won’t be too late in you or a love one’s life like it was for my late husband. Once my husband past away I was then faced with the responsibility to provide for my kids on my own. Now, that I know better, I knew that having a boss wasn’t for me.

I could no longer waste anymore of the life I have left believing the lie that working for someone else would make me prosperous. No not after watching how it tore my husband down and took him to his grave. He worked himself to the bone so his boss could enjoy the benefits from his labor, with several homes and spend half the year partying and entertaining others in varies parts of the world.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with capitalism. I love America and all the amazing opportunities we have here. I just know by watching my husband killing himself so others can live it up wasn’t something I was going to do ever.

I had to find my own way. I had to research and change the way I was programmed to think. So, I first began by changing my mindset and then find a program that would teach me the way to success and wealth.

That’s why I’m here telling my story. I want others to know that they can also live a life free of bosses, supervisors, and corporate ladders. You can decide RIGHT NOW and change your life forever.

My life has changed so much since I joined Wealthy Affiliate and what you learn here at WA is priceless. I’m now Founder of two websites in just a few short months.

I would love to hear your success story, and it can start today. Please stop killing yourself just to make your boss rich. You should be the one with the wealth and enjoying success at it’s next level, you deserve it. Become your own boss and have financial freedom.

To your success,





NEWS ALERT… 911!!!

It’s time to quit struggling now!!! You don’t have to keep struggling from one week to the next. Are you tired of feeling blue and always wondering is there more in life than this?  Not being appreciated all because you don’t fit in with others who might have more money than you? Do you avoid social  functions and gatherings because you’re embarrassed of not feeling important all because you don’t have the income to cover all the bills and by you participating would only mean  a car note won’t get paid for that month or one of the utilities would be at risk of disconnection? So, you avoid social functions all together so you won’t have to explain to others your lack of finances and feeling embarrassed.  Well I know just how you are feeling I’ve been there way too many times myself, but the good news is that it’s not too late to take your life back and get the respect you are due? Most importantly, the respect of your kids and family making them proud to have you as their parent. There’s nothing worse then going to a job you hate actually there is one thing worse and that’s going to a job everyday you hate and being under paid by a boss that you’re making richer and richer while you continue to struggle and seemingly having to live below your means year after year. It almost seems as if there’s just no way out of such a horrible lifestyle. Stop doing this to yourself you can do so much better in life if you can just vision yourself on the other side of the fence. Success  is here waiting on you, waiting on you to change the way you see yourself. You are very special and deserve to have all the success and wealth as the next person… Please don’t let life pass you by put a stop to worrying, struggling, and debt an experience what true financial freedom is about. You can become so successful your haters will come to you for answers to get the freedom you have… Remember friend, don’t let your struggles outweigh your final results of success!

It’s never too late to develop to the next level!

Everyday is a Vacation!!!

 Being happy and fulfilled is when you love everyday of your life and everyday is a vacation if you do what you love. Without you hating the life you have you won’t change it.  In fact, if you hate any day of the week especially Monday then you have to create a better plan for today. If you stay in your comfort zone you can’t help your family. You have to set yourself to aim at a bigger targets especially if you want bigger things like a better, bigger, beautiful home and a car then you need  to push yourself more. You need to achieve different results you have to change the people you are around you must surround yourself with people who think bigger. Don’t surround yourself around broke people, and I’ll tell you why, broke people they think different. I thought different and with good reason, until I changed my mindset I was unable to change my results, and the same thing applies to you. So, if you want different results you have to play with people who are doing 10 to 100 x’s bigger than you because they see things different. For example, when people spend 10 million or more in their business a year they know and see things you don’t, they just do. At first stepping out of your comfort zone may feel to you like you don’t belong around them people who think differently than you do, but just give yourself permission to be around them. However, this is the key, even though you can surround yourself around successful people you must apply the valuable information into your life, but if you don’t do anything with the knowledge you will never achieve big things.  So, if you want a better life  for for your family or kids then never surround yourself around people who play small because you never achieve big things surrounded by people who play small. Everyone deserves to be happy and fulfilled no matter what day of the week it is…


Everyone wants to be successful and possess wealth. Truth is, that most people don’t have any ideal how to achieve it, and they are too afraid to step out of their comfort zone. They have become so comfortable with struggling, and actually might even embrace it with open arms. Similarity, I was just like that myself until I discovered Wealthy Affiliate and began to develop to the next level and now struggling is no longer embraced in my life. You also can conquer struggling and not living your life to the fullest. Not only that, you owe it to yourself and family the opportunity to experience the good life and what success feels like. We as parents are our children’s best example and leader. Imagine being able to dine out in the most fanciest restaurants all over the world, taking vacations at any given time of the year without having to save up or planning 6 months to a year ahead, going to the spa with friends and family, living in your dream home, or buying that fancy car you always dreamed of having. It doesn’t have to be a dream anymore, this can all become reality. Having said that, don’t keep being a slave and make other people rich off of your labor. Honestly, you’re only making your employer live the lifestyle that you have always dreamed of having for yourself and family and I’m here to tell you that you deserve better. So, Don’t keep putting it off until tomorrow success and wealth starts today. Get mad at struggling and not living a lavish lifestyle, the life you and your family deserves. Take control of your destiny and experience financial freedom once and all. I want you to start living instead of just existing… Only you can be the one to change your life and develop to the next level!
Best wishes to all who want a better life with much success and wealth!

Stop living from paycheck to paycheck

Aren’t you just so tired of struggling from paycheck to paycheck? Trying to convince yourself what Wealth really is?

“Wealth- any income that is at least one hundred dollars more a year than the income of one’s wife’s sister’s husband.”- H.L. Mencken

Okay…. so maybe that wasn’t really that funny, but the fact is, there’s nothing funny about struggling and barely being able to pay your bills.

Truth is, until you get sick and tired of being sick and tired of struggling and living beneath your privileges, then and only then, you will make one of the most important decisions of your life; And that’s to take responsibility for your own success… no one is going to change your future but you… So, stop procrastinating and get out of your comfort zone and live the dream life that you and your family deserves to live…. Act today, not tomorrow, tomorrow I will start, tomorrow I will change my life; Face, it, tomorrow never comes and before you know it another day, week, month, and year passes by and you are still idle in your life and finances. Sadly, it should not be that way but it is. Taking the opportunity to have success, wealth, and financial freedom begins with your mindset, change your thinking and you will change your life. A better lifestyle is achievable you should surround yourself with other successful like minded people who share the same dream as you and who  you wish to be. Remember, to develop to the next level you must really be sick and tired of being where you’re now at, with your living situation, struggling and living beneath your means. Everyone should be out enjoying their life to the fullest. Everyone can achieve success and experience that lavish luxury lifestyle of the rich and famous… Champagne drinking and vacation taking! Yes baby, act today and come and join me on the other side… Wealthy Affiliate will help you achieve and develop success as they’ve done for me. Good news is, they’ll do it for you as well. WA will walk you gradually through the program, and believe me if I can do it so can you. You are no different from me or anyone else and if I can develop to the next level and become an expert in the skill,  like so many others have achieved success through Wealthy Affiliate, then so can you too!

 Stop driving yourself crazy trying to figure out how to be successful!

Get Financial Freedom today!