Everyday is a Vacation!!!

 Being happy and fulfilled is when you love everyday of your life and everyday is a vacation if you do what you love. Without you hating the life you have you won’t change it.  In fact, if you hate any day of the week especially Monday then you have to create a better plan for today. If you stay in your comfort zone you can’t help your family. You have to set yourself to aim at a bigger targets especially if you want bigger things like a better, bigger, beautiful home and a car then you need  to push yourself more. You need to achieve different results you have to change the people you are around you must surround yourself with people who think bigger. Don’t surround yourself around broke people, and I’ll tell you why, broke people they think different. I thought different and with good reason, until I changed my mindset I was unable to change my results, and the same thing applies to you. So, if you want different results you have to play with people who are doing 10 to 100 x’s bigger than you because they see things different. For example, when people spend 10 million or more in their business a year they know and see things you don’t, they just do. At first stepping out of your comfort zone may feel to you like you don’t belong around them people who think differently than you do, but just give yourself permission to be around them. However, this is the key, even though you can surround yourself around successful people you must apply the valuable information into your life, but if you don’t do anything with the knowledge you will never achieve big things.  So, if you want a better life  for for your family or kids then never surround yourself around people who play small because you never achieve big things surrounded by people who play small. Everyone deserves to be happy and fulfilled no matter what day of the week it is…

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